Staying Healthy Appetite Anyone?

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What’s the most important thing anyone can do for themselves? Eat Well and Be Mobile? However if you rely on traditional advice and the NHS you will be disappointed. There’s big gap between what I know I have to eat to aid healing and health and the food I actually get to eat. So 16 years into this chronic pathway I have last week begun a food prepping experiment, a little late if I may say so.

As I talked about in my first post Sleeping Beauty the relentless slog involved in cooking and providing food has lost its hold over me but I still need good wholesome nutritious food every day, three times a day and then pudding. This gives me the energy to get up, wash, tidy a bit and then do the important work of the day, my personal projects. Without food this quickly falls into disarray, well not only cos of food obviously, but definitely cos of food. So I made,( with help, thanks Ben,) and froze:

7* burritos, filled with scrambled egg, roasted tomatoes, loads of spinach, and little rashers of bacon. 7 *half pittas with falafel, spinach, avocado pesto, (pine nuts, fresh herbs, garlic, olive oil, avocado) and tomato sauce (homemade), 4* Rice with green beans, spiced pork balls, spinach and tomato sauce.3* Falafel, tomato sauce, spinach and r ice. 7 *small chopped veg bags, ( broccoli, onion, potato, peppers, courgette). 2* chicken breasts marinated ready to roast, sauté, etc. 10 *Muesli (nuts, seeds: chia sesame, pumpkin, sunflower, linseed. hemp protein, maca, lucuma, raisins, chopped apricots. Served as porridge with almond milk, or yogurt, plain of course. Or banana, plums, and berries.4* smoothie mix, tropical fruit, banana, ginger. (Spinach)24* mini fruit pies, with cream, custard, or whatever.

This was an experimental week and I’ve really learned so much. I’m refining the menu, and prepping a 14 day plan, to be cooked and frozen in 3-4 hours, with help again. The biggest lesson was that at my stage of illness or disease, food fuels me in real time, I don’t have the resources of the more robust or fit to miss a meal and this week has been a rare event in that I’ve eaten so well with no work , also less washing up and hardly any waste. I did cook when I felt like it, which was fun again. What stopped me doing something similar before was an emotional relationship to the stuff and bluster of the kitchen, of a something to do, a task to be finessed, enjoyed and shared. A purpose. Living alone with little energy has forced me to be more imaginative, to use my skills in the kitchen, and my knowledge of nutritious food, to be less fussy and more discerning about how I look after myself to the best I can. And finally giving myself the time to work on my projects. Not just dipping in my toe to test the water, finally able to jump right in and immerse myself in the ideas and passions, as they come and go.

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………so whats the big picture here? No appetite.

that’s a problem not easily solved, drugs, depression, fatigue, loneliness affect the capacity to want to eat. All things which a chronically ill person contends with daily.

Some of my prep lies in the fridge and freezer uneaten, vegetables not prepared go mouldy on the counter top, days and days cooking and yet no closer to the YouTube promised 2 hour prep for 14 days meal. My personal projects ignored, my house in chaos.

So I’m accepting my fate, eating the best I can when I can, knowing its never gonna match the vision in my mind, I can’t forget cooking with love and eating in joy, sharing something nourishing, and when that can’t happen I’ll microwave a piece of plastic, and put the telly on.

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Hi. My name is Julia, I live with a lung disability, causing all kinds of physical hurdles, and to be honest I am just trying to reach the end of each day with a sense of personal meaning and accomplishment. This blog is part of that goal, a human satellite spitting out data. I really look forward to hearing something back!

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