Stay In

A&E 26th Feb 2020

and so it begins, my personal experience of life now writ large. Stay in, be aware of catching any germs. Instead of being a voluntary outcast, the lonely other, I am the experienced traveller in these troubling times, an expert in overcoming whatever comes @ home. Its been an accelerated learning curve for most, I had years to work out what to do.

About a month ago, I was in hospital with, well just the usual, high pulse rate, low oxygen saturation and fever, not too high (see picture above). The hospital had been my (not) happy place, but I was always grateful they could stem the flow of infection. Nothings really changed for me…..

…..except I feel a unity and sense of purpose in the atmosphere, that life matters, all the kindnesses I was used to receiving from people, my dependency on others to have a decent life has been stretched out across the world and a significant majority of people are caring and experiencing dependency. Consciously.

It certainly stripped me (and continues to…) of inauthenticity. I have to laugh (and cry) sometimes at the stuff I deemed important.

So I feed the mind; first and foremost, check my attitude, and Sapere Aude, Latin for, well look it up if you don’t know.

Published by julia

Hi. My name is Julia, I live with a lung disability, causing all kinds of physical hurdles, and to be honest I am just trying to reach the end of each day with a sense of personal meaning and accomplishment. This blog is part of that goal, a human satellite spitting out data. I really look forward to hearing something back!

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